Imagine looking up and seeing endangered Black Cocktoos nibbling away on a Banksia cone or cracking into a honky nut with its powerful beak and suddenly realising its feeding on the tree you planted 5 years ago... 😍♥️

Well, that could be your 'made to order' experience if you join us this Sunday at 2 pm at Kent Street. We'll be planting 320 exclusively Cockatoo food trees. It may be the simple most important act of kindness that you undertake towards our precious spirit birds. 🤩🙏

300 local provenance trees will be planted into the Kent Street Sandpit upper embankment area. 🌿🌱

We're meeting @ Kent St Sandpit north gate at the cnr of Etwell and Kent Streets.

Plants and planting materials have been kindly provided by @townofvicpark.

Come and be part of this informal start of this community restoration. Just byo gloves, hat, waterbottle and wear trousers. 🧢 💦 🧤

We expect this planting will only take two hours until 4 pm under the expert guidance of our Natural Area Team leader Stephen Syzlowski.

Parking available @Harold Rossiter Park Clubhouse.

RSVP: admin@friendsofjirdarupbushland.org.au
or Klaus - 0450083757

Thank you! 😃🙏🌿

Containers for Change

Our Containers for Change ID is C10408106. Thank you.