Friends of Jirdarup Bushland

Competition Winners Announced

The Pets and Vets WA Fauna Award 1st prize = “Teaching the Young One” by Christine Chester
The second prize (sponsored by BirdLife Western Australia) = “The Sentinel” by Emma Jones

The Waldecks Garden Centre Bentley Flora Award 1st prize = “Ain’t Life Grand(is)” by Alison Higgins
The second prize (sponsored by Connect Victoria Park Inc) = “The Herd” by Mark de Cruz

The Perth NRM Landscape/Habitat 1st prize = “Birth in the dying acres” by Xinyang Zhao
The second prize (sponsored by Hawaiian’s Park Centre) = “Winter Morning” by Jon Young


The Beaver Tree Services Junior Award 1st prize = “Foney Fungi” by Sav Noble, Kent St SHS
The second prize (sponsored by Hawaiian’s Park Centre) = “Yellow Joy” by Ching Yi Lu, Wesley College


The Victoria Park Rotary people’s Choice 1st prize = “Winter Morning” by Jon Young
The second prize (sponsored by Connect Victoria Park Inc) “Afternoon Yawn (tawny frogmouth juvenile with adult in daytime roost)” by Kerry Whitworth

The lucky People’s Choice Voter’s Prize (sponsored by Camera Electronic went to the grandmother of Brittany Porter (who was the photographer of the gorgeous Carnaby Cockatoo)


Camera Electronic $100 gift voucher = Flora Johnston (grandmother of finalist Brittany Porter). 

Congratulations to all of the winners!
Thank you to our sponsors for making these great prizes possible!
Most of all, thank you for helping to share with the wider community just how special the Jirdaup Bushland Precinct is for us all.

The Friends of Jirdarup Bushland

The Friends of Jirdarup Bushland is a community group based around Victoria Park. We are dedicated to the preservation of Jirdarup Bushland Precinct which includes Kensington Bushland, George St Reserve and Kent St Sandpit. We organize community events as well as planting and weeding days each year.

Our aim is to help the community connect with nature through protecting, regenerating and revegetating the Jirdarup Bushland Precinct.

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get the latest news and get involved in our activities!

The Bushland

Jirdarup Bushland Precinct, with ‘Bush Forever’ site Kensington Bushland at its heart, is a rare slice of remnant banksia-jarrah woodlands tucked away in Victoria Park. A hidden natural treasure and biodiversity hot spot, Jirdarup means ‘Place of Birds’ in the Nyoongar language. It is home to 62 species of birds, as well as 14 species of reptiles and over 200 plant species. Get creative and immerse yourself in photographing the wealth of Jirdarup’s flora, fauna, and landscapes.

The Bushland entry points are from Etwell Street, George Street and Baron Hay Court. There is free parking, wide pathways, and dog walking is permitted. Disabled access is via Baron-Hay Court entrance. You can take photos from the public access areas in Jirdarup Bushland, but please don’t jump the fences.

‘Images of Jirdarup 2020’ Photography Competition

A final update of the ‘Images of Jirdarup 2020’ competition and exhibition coming soon.

Competition Winners Announced

1st Place Flora: Ain't Life Grand(is) - Alison Higgins

Alison Higgins receiving her award from Mayor Karen Vernon and judge Robert Audcent

2nd Place Flora: The Herd - Mark de Cruz

Mark de Cruz with Mayor Karen Vernon

1st Place Fauna: Teaching the Young One - Christine Chester

Christine Chester receiving her award. (FoJB Chair Klaus Backheuer in the background)

2nd Place Fauna: The Sentinel - Emma Jones

Emma Jones receiving her award from Beth Walker from BirdlifeWA

1st Place Landscape: Birth in the dying acres - Xinyang Zhao

Xingyang Zhao receiving his award from Mayor Vernon

2nd Place Landscape: Winter Morning - Jon Young

Jon Young receiving his award from Mayor Vernon

1st Place Junior: Foney Fungi - Sav Noble

Sav Noble, Kent Street SHS, receives his award from Mayor Vernon, with FoJB’s Robert Audcent & Klaus Backheuer

2nd Place Junior: Yellow Joy - Ching Yi Lu

1st Place People's Choice: Winter Morning - Jon Young

Jon Young receiving his award from Cr Wilf Hendriks and Andrea Higgins (Victoria Park Rotary Club)

2nd Place People's Choice: Afternoon Yawn - Kerry Whitworth

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The Friends will be watering and weeding again this weekend. 💦🌱💪Come along during the time slot of 7 - 8.30 am Saturday and/or Sunday to join in the fun. Many hands make light work … and good company. 🙂

Here's a picture of some of the 14 Friends who worked on the Bushland last weekend. Thank you all! 😀
Whether it’s for 40 minutes or more, it all adds up! Find the buckets of water too heavy but know veldt grass when you see it? Then you can make a difference to the bushland by weeding instead.

Bring your water bottle and we suggest wearing long trousers, a hat, sunscreen, closed shoes, and gloves. 🧤🥾🙋We’ve got buckets and weeding tools. Any questions contact us - Vicki (0416 049 550) or me, Fiona (0404 069997) - or just rock up to the Christmas Tree crossroads in Kensington Bushland! 🙌

Enjoy your local bushland! 🌿🦎😀

Photo credit: Vicki
Post credit: Fiona

Happy New Year! 🎉🥳🍾

The Friends will be starting their 2021 activities with watering and weeding this Saturday and Sunday (we'll be there both days from 7a.m. to 8 something - come for 40-60+ minutes in that timeslot. Even if you can only make it once a month we'd love to have your involvement - many hands make light work!). 🙌💦

Find the buckets of water too heavy but know veldt grass when you see it? Then you can make a difference to the bushland by weeding! (Veldt grass actually changes the soil it is in - that's in order to outcompete the native plants - so that's one of the reasons we target it). 🍃

Wear long trousers, a hat, sunscreen, closed shoes, gloves and bring your water bottle too. Some, like me, prefer long sleeves too. We've got the buckets and trowels. Any questions contact us - Vicki (0416 049 550) or me, Fiona (0404 069997) - or just rock up to the Xmas Tree crossroads in Kensington Bushland! 💪💝

Photo credit: Georgina Wilson - earlier this week she took this lovely shot from the Baron Hay Court entrance.
Post credit: Fiona

Happy New Year 🎊🥂🥳 and Thanks to everyone who has supported Jirdarup Bushland in 2020: 🍀
watering, weeding, planting, running events, donating time and $, getting involved, planning, attending events, caring and following us on social media.

The Friends of Jirdarup Bushland committee thanks you all!
Happy holidays everyone!

The picture is of Nuytsia floribunda (common name Christmas Tree). shows the distribution map and gives more information on this stunning WA native.

Photo credit: Fiona

Photographers and nature lovers remember to check out Jirdarup soon - there are banksias, the "WA Christmas Tree", and other plants flowering, for example. The cockatoos and rainbow bee-eaters are about too!

Maybe we could see your summer photos in the next photo competition?

A big thanks to Georgina Wilson for sending us her beautiful photo!

Here's another picture of a special Jirdarup resident, the dwarf bearded dragon (Pogona minor minor). Photo by Christine Chester (winner of the fauna photo section in our recent competition). Thanks for sending it to us Christine!

"I saw this bearded dragon in November 2014, just off one of the paths in Kensington Bushland."

Some facts from Robert:

The Dwarf (or Western) Bearded Dragon is Kensington Bushland’s only species of dragon lizard.

Changes colour according to circumstances. Cold, inactive lizards are dark grey, changing to yellowish brown as they warm and become active.

Bearded dragons are fond of basking on bitumen roads to warm themselves up, leading to unfortunate consequences.

Adult bearded dragons can measure up to 35cm long with a snout-vent (vent refers to the start of the tail) length of between 11 and 16cm. The Perth subspecies is moderately slender and narrow-headed, with a row of spines along each side of the nape. They range in colour from grey to greyish brown, occasionally with a yellowish tinge.

The Perth subspecies of the Dwarf Bearded Dragon occurs throughout WA (excluding the Pilbara and Kimberley regions), the western half of SA and south-western NT. They occur in woodlands, rocky outcrops and shrublands.

Photo by Christine Chester

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